Bulk Weigher-Powder

Bulk Weigher-Powder


Powder is a semi-automatic machine used for filling powders in HDPE woven sacks, using volumetric auger filling mechanism.


For packing powders like wheat flour, spices, coffee, milk powder, agro-chemical powders, cement, etc. in HDPE woven sacks (gunny bags).

Machine Specifications

Machine Type GFMAF-50
Grammage (*depends on density of material) 10-kg, 25-kg, 50-kg
Speed (*depends on efficiency of operator) 120-bags/hour for 25-kg
  Power consumption 1.00-kW
Air consumption @ 6 bar 5.30-CFM
Machine size (mm) 1100 (W) X 1500 (D) X 2500 (H)
Machine construction MS painted body. SS product contact parts.
Packing material Heat sealable laminates.

Clients Served